Born in 1989, Germany. Had my fist camera by the age of 10.  In 2011, I gave up my regular job and life in Germany, to go and see the world. The goal was India, but without flying, otherwise, where is the adventure? I traveled first through eastern Europe, then hitchhiked through Turkey, Iran, Pakistan. Finally India. But this only encouraged me to travel even further, I spent the next years traveling all over Asia and Oceania, working here and there to make a living as a backpacker. By today I travelled over 35 countries.

Finally I found rest in Japan, a beautiful country where I made my new home.  Currently I live in Chiba, but mainly work in and around Tokyo.

If you like my work please follow me on my social media accounts and if you want to hire me for a shoot, please do that by using the contact form or a direct email to

Previous Customers: 

Amazon Japan

JNTO - Japanese National Tourism Organisation 

FunkyCorp Ltd.

Inside Sport Japan

Kaizen Solutions 

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